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Jan & Marion Dietrich

Identical twins of great beauty, Jan and Marion were 34 when they received notification from Lovelace. They'd been compared with the likes of Natalie Wood with their brunette hair and striking eyes. Doing most everything together, they graduated from Univ. of California - Berkley in 1949. Here they took separate routes. Jan became a flight instructor and chief pilot for a flight school as well as a corporate pilot for a construction company in California. By 1961 she had amassed a phenomenal 8,000 hours of flying time! Not only that, she became one of the first women in the US to obtain the highest FAA license, the Airline Transport Pilot License.

Marion's path took her to the Oakland (Ca.) Tribune as a writer and reporter. Her love for flying led her to as many aviation related stories as possible, including a ride in a supersonic jet! She kept her "hand on the stick" by flying charters and ferrying aircraft on her own time. This allowed her to build up over 1,500 hours flying time when the call came for she and Jan.

Today, Jan is in poor health near San Francisco. Marion died of cancer in 1974, and Jan scattered her ashes from the air over the Pacific Ocean.

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